I have been imagining, and things occur when I imagine, I have been playing with lights and switches and tools and spells and casting and giants and I am the most beautiful girl in the world. I have imagined a place where it’s okay, I have imagined a sound and sense where everything is amazing. A location a time continuum and I have left so many times before and I came back and every time it’s something and I keep trying to tell them and they keep already knowing and it seems like a time bomb a moment in a creation story where all the cards that built the castle become a broken piece a masterpiece and I remember the songs transporting us to cages and I remember the air outside sings and makes wings of my back and my belly turn to feathers and I fly. I wish I could explain. I wish the gag order was non existent these experiences. These triggers the fire is set. He passed all of my boundaries and he taught me, he taught me to fly, and reminded me how high the sky actually went showing me spaces and shapes I had not seen in a long time. I fly. I fly. I fly.