I lost a baby, I lost two babies, a boy and a girl, the girl i’m thinking was first, my heart aches for my child, my mind wraps around the idea that i am better off not raising more children by myself, there are so many against us, we feel them, we feel them moving and walking and shifting in the atmosphere like plants walking around, hold in a frequency and watching the environment soak in that realm of existence, and then shifting becomes so regular, the only way you’ve survived for most of my life, i remember those who snuck in, not exactly on this plane at all, the invisibles, these planes, at nighttime it depends where you are, are you a time traveler? Are you a shapeshifter, do you deal with those who would prefer you not to be here, how did they become that way, does it even matter? We ask, and we answer, we watch and we, stunned, stay in our homes and wait for the waves of the storms to come crashing up at our own front doors, we remember,, the thunder crackles and we feel the energy in the realm, and for a moment you remember, the sky, the outside, all of the minds, chattering, talking about pain and purging out all they no longer want to hold, they mishandle everything, trying to make sense of the rain, they’re ignoring me, they don’t want to support me, mental images splashed upon the internet of moments in time, frozen in time do we float? upon water? or air? is there someone making sense, who will grab the reigns when they are dropped?