Morning walk, no shoes…

Breathetarian lifestyle, I did not brush my teeth.

I grew up in this town so I feel safe.

My response considers my face,

Berries dropped from tree tops above, squish beneath my feet.

Offense everywhere..

I breath in my experience I breath out my boredom. The god, the chosen one.



Meaning?: where nothing ever happens.

Why would I want to be in safety? Do you know how hard safety is ?

Seeing through moments in time sensations those in the big houses…

Safety ?


So you mean I..

I’m supposed to be in a place where nothing happens ? Says who?

Says those who could care less about me?

Says who?

Those who see me as dollar signs and who paint my motions as if I’ve lost my mind they teach them to be scared of me.

My children

My aunts

My uncles

My kin.

Who is they? And when did we become enemies ?

System said: I’m not sure.

But I see it, I think I did it. If I am god then I must have done it, sanctioned it, allowed it to continue. The Latino man waves at me, he says hello, he says goodbye. I hope he is safe…



Is that what I mean?

Do I mean safe


Do I mean loved

Honored adored cherished,

Isn’t that what I want for myself ?

Isn’t that what I want for me?!!!!

Then why do I chase safety? Why and when and who got me so turned around in here ? They encouraged my insanity and pushed me towards all of their ideas.

To be taken care of…

A god.

To be taken care of ?

A force,

A section of myself, with a long leash,

It now needs a shorter leash.

Time travel or.

My thighs squish together which would be fine if they were not really there to protect another vital organ.

To wear clothes

Feels so wrong.


Away from danger- sounds better than safety

The opposite of safety- being in motion




I rather be without clothes.

Freedom… anarchy… I rather have freedom… excuses and lies to cover up their divinity and their choice. I see through that.